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A work in progress……

When this journey started, we had no idea where it would take us…and we aren’t  where we expected to be either.

Once the decision had been made to develop a range, then the variables came in. What was our range going to be? What ethos were we going to align ourselves with….down to the ingredients, the packaging, colours, logo etc etc. We have subsequently lived and breathed our development and evolution for the last 4/5 years. We had achieved our goal, proud and excited at what we were about to launch….happy with our range, knowing that we have the most amazing range.  Then came the largest, variable we could have ever imagined.

When  we launch it…what if  people don’t like it?

We have worked so hard to get it right, time, money, frustration…what if no one likes it?…please trust me when I say, it puts fear into your very core.

Its reception however, has been more amazing than we could have ever hoped for.   We have been so moved by the feedback from our initial consumer testers, and now our clients. Feedback is crucial to our continued development going forward and we value it so very much.

It has reinvigorated our creative juices and is spurring us on, to surpass our original goal of a “little range”. We are taking our range to the Mind Body & Spirit show at the NEC 1-3 Nov 2019. We are currently developing expansion to our range and treatments, which we are looking to launch in 2020.  We will be on sale internationally in the next few months and really excitingly, we have companies now interested in stocking our amazing current range….so its very much watch this space!!!


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