Our Story

We want to take skincare back to nature… as pure, organic, chemically free, animal and Eco friendly as possible. It is incredibly important to us that we source ethically and are 100% recyclable.

When Helena met Mandy

Helena runs a small holistic therapy centre in South Birmingham and strives to be fully holistic in her approach to her clients… which includes the products she uses. She became really disheartened at trying to buy products to use in her centre that gave the impression they were holistic, vegan friendly, pure and chemical free when they weren’t. A passing comment was made “So if you are not happy with what’s out there for you to use, then make your own”. With that, the Mandarin Tree dream began.

Mandy was originally a client at the centre and became good friends with Helena. They got talking about the Mandarin Tree dream and their partnership was born. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Dream

Four years in its evolution and we’re finally happy with the products we have.  It has taken a lot of hard work to honour our vision of clean and pure skincare. We are now starting to launch our product range and the feedback we have received so far has been amazing.

Our Products

Our products are:-
Organic plant based.
Chemical free.
Untested on animals.
Paraben, sulphate AND palm oil free.
Certified suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
100% recyclable and fully Eco-friendly.

We would love you to try our products. Our vision for the coming years is to spread the word of our amazing products and share our dream with you.

Our aim is to continue evolving and we have exciting plans for our future with a bath range, gentleman’s range and a mother and baby range which are currently being developed.

We love our products and hope you do too.

Helena & Mandy